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Product description

WPC Floor production line

Model Unit SJSZ80/156 SJSZ92/188 SJSZ80/156,?SJ65/132
Product?width mm 1220 1600 1600-2050
Product?thickness mm 3-20 5-30 3-20
Max.?extrusion?capacity Kg/h 350 500 600
Power?of?extruder KW 75 110 120

WPC Floor production line,PVC WPC Furniture/Flooring/Ceiling Board Extrusion Machine belongs to our PVC WPC foam board machine.

WPC Floor production line is continuously improved on the basis of requirements and feedbacks from our customers and combined with foreign advanced technology. It shows superior performance, high reliability and practicality with its compact structure, advanced configuration and outstanding output in the production of 3-30mm thick, high-qualified PVC WPC foam board.

WPC (Wood Plastic Composites) is a new and high-tech environmental protection material. It is the product of the mixing wood powder (wood cellulose, plant cellulose), plastic and processing agent going through the extruding mould. WPC board has the properties and features of both wood and plastic. It is the perfect substitute for wood and plastic.

WPC foam board can be worked with the tools for wood material. It’s easy for sawing, drilling, nailing, bonding and planning. Meanwhile, WPC foam board combines the wood texture of wood door and the anticorrosion and waterproof features of plastic. It is a kind of durable outdoor waterproof and anticorrosion building material with excellent performance.


1. WPC board thickness: 3mm to 30mm
2. High Quality & Full Service
3. Competitive Price & Enormous Market Demand
4. Certificates: CE & ISO9001 & SGS


Our extrusion line adopts Celuka foam technology, which can produce a kind of PVC WPC foam boards with superior quality. These processes result in a “skinning” or outer layer of foam board and harder or more scratch resistant. This kind of PVC WPC foam board can not only have much smoother surface but also have more skin hardness compared with other PVC WPC boards.


1) SJSZ 80/156 Conical twin Screw Extruder
ABB frequency converter, Siemens conductor, OMRON Japan
2) Calibration unit
Calibration plate: 1500mm× 500mm 4couples
3) Cooling tank and bracket
Length: 6000mm
Trimming knife: 3 sets
4) Haul-off unit
8 couples
Cylinder clamping and loosening
5) Cutting unit
6) Stacker
7) Mould (T-Die)


1. Main motor frequency controller: SIMENS or ABB
2. Temperature controller: OMRON or RKC
3. AC controller: SCHNEIDER or SIMENS
4. Thermal overload relay: SCHNEIDER

Material Mixing: PVC + wood powder + additives
Extrusion Processing: Mixed material going through the extruder, calibration unit, cooling bracket and cutter.

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  • Contact: Jay Ma (Director)
  • Mobile: +86 13814297981
  • Whatsapp +8613814297981
  • Wechat: +8613814297981
  • Email: ceo@kingshineplast.com